To Somewhere

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+ Comments To Somewhere - 2007-05-18 00:08:00

Looking up in one of the TTC's many stations.

Yesterday I had an odd experience shooting a streetcar on King street. The supervisor in the car behind the streetcar came out as I was shooting and asked me if I needed help. I responded 'no', at which point he asked me again. I said no again, to which he asked me if I was a terrorist. (I know, it's strange). I told him I wasn't, so he wanted to know why i was taking a photo, then asked me again if I was a terrorist. I told him I was a photoblogger, and then assured him I was not a terrorist - he was not impressed. He explained to me that the TTC is protective of getting their equipment on camera (yeah right), and that only a terrorist would be taking a photo so close (I was using my fisheye, cmon man). Still, it was just a tad troubling.

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