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+ Comments The Remaining 3 - 2007-08-07 00:00:49
My grandmother passed away over the weekend, and my dad, aunt and grandmothers twin are sitting Shiva (the Jewish act of mourning the dead). This is a photo of the remaining three Lubek's (my grandmothers' maiden name) - my aunt Judy on the left, my grandmothers' twin Gladys, and my Father. More photos of my grandmother and her twin can be seen on this Flickr Set. Below is also some more information on my grandmother, which I emailed out the day she died - She will be greatly missed.

This afternoon a light in the world was extinguished. My grandmother, Helen Singer, died this afternoon following a sudden drop in a post-operation recovery. It is with great sadness that I write this post-mortem, but at the same time I am joyous in sharing this information with my friends - you are also my family.

My grandmother, whom some of you may have met or spoken to at our numerous family events, was a twin. She and her sister Gladys grew up in Toronto's East end, riding the streetcar into the city (then Queen and Spadina), where she spent time working as a secretary.

While these earlier days of her life are before my time, I can share with you some of the pleasant experiences I had which I can recall fondly. Living across from the Baycrest on Bathurst - a home she would later inhabit - I used to run from the elevator down to the other end of the hall where my grandmother, standing joyously at the door, was waiting. She was in room 808. A quick hug, and I was in the apartment. Sleep-overs, dinners, birthdays - you name it, it all happened in her place.

Together with my grandfather, Sollie, she lived a full and fulfilling life, growing older with her two children, their spouses, and 4 grandchildren. Often I would go to see movies with her in Yorkdale, and spending countless hours with her playing Rummycube. She was a pleasure to spend time with.

My grandmother was a loving, caring, and devoted woman. In her younger years, with my grandfather, she went on countless cruises, and summered in Florida. No winter trip to Florida was complete without a swim in the pool in her apartment complex...and who can forget the t-shirts that she brought home, which you couldn't wear outside the house!

Recently, my grandmother moved to the Baycrest, requiring more supervision as her alzheimer's became pronounced. After work I would often go to her apartment with my laptop, showing her photos of the family, her twin sister, and any events or parties I went to...she even saw photos from the birthday kegger in June! While she did not remember recent occurrences very well, her longer-term memory was still quite vibrant, sharing stories of her youth, Toronto, and the love she had.

It is with great sadness that I share with you fragments of her life, and the news of her passing. She was a magnificent woman, and she will be terribly missed.

For those in town, the funeral will be at Benjamin's Memorial Chapel Sunday August 5th, at 1pm. Shacharit and Mincha/Ma'ariv (morning and evening prayers) will take place at my aunts house on 224 Armour Blvd. (Google map). For those interested, memorial donations may be made to The Baycrest Foundation at 416.785.2875



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