Fidelity in Humanity

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Fidelity in Humanity

In an amphitheater,
awaiting the concert to begin
sits all of humanity.

Spaces are sparse, but
you spot a single seat
off in the distance.

As you move closer,
you quickly realize that
the seat is not one you desire.

The theatre is divided,
with sections devoted to
every human trait imaginable.

Searching again you find,
in a section labeled loyal;
your true destination.

Sitting down as the curtains draw,
the lights dim and you await
what the world has been waiting to see.

True reality gracefully enters,
stage left and floats to centre stage
clad only in her virtues.

Different to each viewer,
audience members only see
what they ethically honour.

Spectators are in sorrowful tears,
while others regale in joy
as they learn of their piousness.

At the climax of the performance,
a moment of clarity separates
the morally genuine from the corrupt.

The curtains draw a close,
as a silent audience begins
to depart the venue.

For the unfortunate,
the production has sewn
the seed for change.

For the ethically grounded,
the production has supported
the minutia of daily life.

This short but significant event,
has reminded you exactly why and how
you help the world in everything you do.

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